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Delivering quality open education allows students to be part of the diverse geographies around the world. It encompenses economic issues, market flows, dominant geopolitical strategies, social organizations, cultural mixes and technological developments. It is this vision, broad, documented and verified on the ground, that ISTA offers its students of all nationalities.

This dynamic sustains our approach and constant aim for the "Performance Trophy", with academic and professional success, both nationally and internationally.

Going forward, our school will continue to develop new partnerships, strengthen its faculty to further enrich its global vision, its openness to the world and to others. Additional training is an asset to enhance an initial diploma and make your marketable to recruiters. It allows you to broaden the scope of your skills or deepen already acquired knowledge, which enables you to benefit from complementary viewpoints.

From the perspective of true openness and professional efficiency, proximity bonds and trust, the institute has made the choice of an international openness. This allows an exchange of experience and mutually beneficial know-how. Major assets,thus, will derive from this, including a high-level teaching team reinforced by cooperation with foreign institutions.

Joint Program 1: GroupeESG Paris :

Joint Program 2: IHEID Génève

Joint Program 3: Université Montplaisir Tunis