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With several levels of instruction, corresponding to different training paths or programs, ISTA provides students, in two, three, four or five years from the Bac (HS-Diploma), with an university and professional training, leading to a Bachelor, Master I and / or Master II, thereby increasing their chances for a direct insertion into the professional life, and to positions of supervision and responsibility in several professional fields.

The ultimate objective of our institute aims at facilitating a better professional integration, which becomes possible through the combination of skills such as, knowledge acquisition, initiative development, creativity and productive communication developed by its learners .


The first year is characterized by a high-level general education and a pedagogy that promote creativity and self-confidence.


* Train ISTA PREP students to conceive and lead autonomous reflections, manage a large work caseload and express their personality positively and freely.
* Provide students with the knowledge that will empower them through the development of critical and broad understanding of the contemporary world, as well as the habit of reflecting on the potential impacts of their own actions
*Enable students to gain mastery of precise and clear written and oral expressions.
*Foster the development and affirmation of a sound measure of tolerance and self-confidence
*Guide and prepare students about the demands, challenges or constraints of the professional world.
* Harmonize and consolidate students' level, regardless of their academic origin, which will provide them with the means to properly choose their orientation in the 2nd year: Conventional or international pathway.
*Applied Training provision.


They are the keystone of our pedagogy for personal development. For a period of 6 months, students, through bibliographical and documentary studies, interviews with business leaders, will collect the information necessary to the elaboration of their dissertation. Once written, the paper will be orally defended before a jury of professors and professionals.

Internship with a company, an immersion into professtional (real) life:

Finally, in June, students, perform a holistic internship . It is either a conventional internship in a company, or an immersion into active life and the realization of a personal project.
Gradually, the student gets empowered and is capable of expressing himself /herself, and opening themselves up to the outside world. This internship is subject to a written report, which is to supported orally at the beginning of the 2nd year.This, already, is time to preparation for the interviews with Leading business schools.

For nearly ten years, the Higher Institute of Applied Technologies (ISTA) has integrated the importance of the International Affairs , culture and pedagogical concepts resolutely geared towards the enterprise, as well as organization and development into its programs and practices .

As we look towards the future, our school will continue to develop new partnerships, strengthen its faculty body to further enrich its global vision of openness to the world and to others. An additional training is an asset to enhancing an initial diploma and, potentially, an attraction to recruiters. It allows you to broaden the scope of your skills or deepen an acquired knowledge, thereby making complementary viewpoints quiet beneficial. The ISTA MBA is intended for all students, with an appropriate initial degree, who want to optimize their entry into professional life through further training.

The strengths of ISTA Specialized MBA
Enhances the value of your diploma, with additional training. The job market is looking for more and more versatile employees, able to adapt to an environment constantly changing.
Dual training gives students broader understanding and great adaptability. It provides for a much higher employability.
A Specialized MBA allows you to complete and enhance your initial degree, with a very operational anchor in the business world.
You can take advantage of our more than 10 years of excellency and well-known and sustained reputation
Since 1998, ISTA has been training business Managers. It has expanded globally, with strong reputation. The school's great credential is substantiated by the success experienced or achieved by its alumni in the business world.
For the quality and diversity of the faculty.

The variety of the ISTA faculty, made up of more than 30 Professors, Researchers and business Professionals, gives to 15-months Post-graduate courses a wealth of complementary points of view
You have access to the entire ISTA community.

The ISTA community consists of alumni and companies that cooperate with the school, or regularly recruit graduates, institutions and organizations, with which ISTA develops great collaborations.
For an operational, progressive and specialized training.

The teaching at ISTA is academic and pactical.

It infuses working management with fundamentals, then migrates towards more leading subjects (ie:management, commercial, new technologies ...), then to the acquisition of transversal competences, and finally to the specialization in a chosen field.

Each specialization is an operational preparation for taking a position within a company. The areas of offered specializations have their direct extension into professional integration. Teaching programs are offered, depending on the academic and / or professional experience demonstrated by the candidates.
For an efficient professional integration
Professional integration is an integral part of the training curriculum.
It has three components :
First, a committed professional(or mission) training or an internship within a company, for at least six months. This is the actual point of entry to the professional life; the commitment is an implementation of the chosen specialization.
Second, 10 to 14 weeks of Specialization seminars held at ISG, will enhance the initial training, and consolidate the necessary knowledge.
Third, a professional applied research dissertation is prepared in the field of specialization chosen by the studnt, with individualized mentoring of a teacher.

To students holding at least an undergraduate diploma in higher education (Bac +3 to Bac +4 and above): M1, M2, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, architects, or an equivalent foreign diploma: Bachelor's and Master's degrees...