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Business Initiative Directive (BID) Award

Technolab's CEO received an award in the United States recently.

Concours Talents Tic --->

First edition: This project aims at stimulating the creativity of young talents in new technologies, and will be organized between June 15 and October 15, 2014.

Dynamic Enterprise of 2014

Our establishment was distinguished on June 14, 2014 in Bamako, by magazines AZ Solutions and ECO FINANCE ENTREPRISES (Reasearch firm and Finance and Management Consulting firm)

Honorary Distinction of the International Quality Crown Trophy (IQC), London 2012

We are honored to inform you that, at the end of the festivities of its 26th annual session on 25 November 2012, BID (Business Initiative Direction) held at the Hotel Guoman Tower in London, the Higher Institute of Applied Technologies (TechnoLAB-ISTA) received the International Award International Quality Crown Trophy (IQC)