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Having made graduate employability one of its top priorities, TechnoLAB-ISTA has continuously multiplied company / school relations and interactions. ISTA's cooperation with businesses is multifaceted and mutually beneficial.

The originality of our programs lies in quality education, based on practical training. This desire to successfully combine theory and practice makes ISTA the first private university and institution of higher education in Mali.

Work-study, or Alternance Training, consists of developing mini-projects and end-of-studies projects on behalf of a company. Themes must be defined by mutual agreement between the student, an ISTA teacher and the host company.

This principle ensures a source of professional and personal enrichment, from which the student draws tremendous benefit. Furthermore, it constitutes a privileged means of facilitating the professional integration of young graduates into the real world.

Pursuing its strategy of work-linked training, ISTA provides internship for several periods of time. In fact, throughout his training, a student carries out at least 36 weeks of internship in a company.

Our Internship and Orientation division ensures that internships are chosen in relation to the student's professional project. This division is also intended to assist young graduates with the creation of their own projects.