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President - CEO
TechnoLAB - ISTA
Bamako - Mali

Welcome to Technolab ISTA

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It's always been Technolab-Ista's creed to strengthen and promote qualitative education through higher learning systems, while being open to the world and research. This has been made possible through the implementation of New Technologies, managerial techniques, social sciences and integrated management techniques.

One of our main goals is to train and generate well-rounded managers for enterprises of the 3rd millennium. Ultimately, these ready-to-serve professionals wil leave ISTA, but not before they have developed skills and vertues such as versatility, strong initiative and engaged communication. This empwerment, will, thus, enable them to make the most effective decisions, while undertaking, engaging efficiently and acting with a keen sense of responsibility and ethics.

This is the goal we have set out at TechnoLAB - ISTA, and that we strive to achieve or strengthen through our daily actions.

Our Vision - (Click here for details...)

As actor of the information society, within the international space, our responsibility is to innovate in solutions with high added values, while placing the business expertise of each of our customers at the heart of our ingenuity.

Being Co-facilitator to the performance of our customer relationship, which constitues a major factor of our competitiveness, mutual trust, the spirit of sharing and continuous transfer and sharing of knowledge are the cornerstones of our cohesion and growth.

Our mission - (Click here for details...)

Provide the best trainings and development skills to executives and decision-makers, fostering their effectiveness (creativity and autonomy) and providing them with the best tools to master the profound current and potential technological, economic and social changes in their respective fields of operation.

Offer and nurture true partnerships with companies that remains ubiquitous at all levels of our training. while assuring development of their action .
Make provision for Design and integration of solutions adapted to different needs, improvement and performance of information systems and optimization for the management of organizations and corporations.

Our Values : Listening, Efficiency, Responsibility, Trust - (Click here for details...)

Since its creation in 1998, TechnoLAB - ISTA has always been able to fulfill its commitments.Some of its trademarks are professionalism, quality, timely responsiveness and performance in consulting and ERP solution integration, enterprise management, as well as project design and planning.

Here are some of the key values, cultivated and ​​put forth by TechnoLAB-ISTA, which have greatly contributed to its success over the last 10 years, and made it stronger and more relevant than ever:

-Quality approach
- Listening and Scalability

Aside from its expertise, technology and know-how in the field of ERP integration, which is one of its areas of scalability, TechnoLAB - ISTA also offers its customers a unique and sustainable partnership; a safe bet.

With a flexible and dynamic management team, dedicated employees and a clear development strategy, TechnoLAB - ISTA approaches the future with realism around ambitious projects:

- Recruitment of new skilled talents;
-Bringing together major business partners and new publishers;
-Leading successful integration projects;
-International/Global expansion;
-Continuity in research and development.